Business Voice Services

Reduce your call costs with Maxinet's range of telecommunication
phone and voice services.

Maxinet can help you lower telecommunication costs with our Voice Network and phone services. In keeping with our company philosophy and service delivery model, all such business phone plans are tailor-designed to meet your individual requirements.

The Maxinet Voice Network makes it easy for you to talk to your customers, using ISDN and Business Grade VoIP to provide you with flexibility no matter how big your operations are. Our Reach services help your customers contact you from anywhere in the country with an easy to remember number, from the cost of a local call. Simple, efficient and cost-effective, our range of voice solutions ensures we have a solution for your business.


Office Fit-outs

If you are relocating or setting up a new branch, Maxinet can manage the project to ease the logistical stresses and associated costs. We can provide you with all the physical infrastructure you require, including PABXs, handsets, racks, cabinets and professional cabling. Our fit-outs are delivered on time and on budget. On completion, you can rely on Maxinet's premium grade voice services to keep your business ticking along.

Call one of our experienced telephone sales staff to discuss which phone service will suit you best. Click on the Request a Call Back link below to find out more.


Maxinet's ISDN is a primary rate service delivering digital lines at a rate of 10 channels at a time. Maxinet's ISDN directly connects you to a carrier-grade national voice, data and internet network. You can access highly competitive rates, keep your existing phone number and even retain your existing equipment – or upgrade if you require.

Call Anywhere

Maxinet's ISDN is a premium quality voice service that lets you make local, national, mobile, international and special service calls through multiple phone lines. Calls within Australia are made through our carrier-grade voice network; overseas calls are made via our partnerships with leading overseas networks.


High Traffic

Call Maxinet's ISDN is available in a 10, 20 or 30 channel primary rate access. Our ISDN is especially useful for high-call traffic applications such as those generated by PABXs. Call centres and companies with high call volumes can choose multiple 30 channel connections, with flexible pricing packages and advanced support to suit their needs.

Maxinet can provide extension-level billing, allowing you to monitor individual costs. Our 100 number indial ranges allow all staff their own direct number, making it easier for customers to reach individual staff members.

  • Number portability – Move to Maxinet and keep your existing numbers or choose a new number range.
  • Redirect calls – Redirect incoming calls from a single or range of numbers to an alternative number during a scheduled business event or emergency.

Maxinet can provide highly competitive call rates and we will negotiate based on volumes. Call us to see what we can do for you.

VoIP for Business

Maxinet provides a complete VoIP service for Business. It is a premium service that will provide significant savings.

The phone service can be delivered as a stand-alone product, or bundled with an internet connection to deliver significant discounts. Put simply, the more you are currently spending on phone services, the more we can potentially save you.

This product is designed for small to medium businesses with a requirement for business VoIP lines. Maxinet can deliver any number of lines to your business, and there is theoretically no maximum.

Maxinet Business VoIP offers a number of features, including:

  • Call hold
  • Call waiting
  • Call transfer
  • Call transfer with Conference
  • 3-way Call conference
  • Call Forward Always
  • Call Forward on Busy
  • Call Forward no Answer
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Anonymous Call Reject
  • Repeat Dial on Busy


Local number portability enables customers to transfer existing phone service numbers from other suppliers to Maxinet when connecting to the Business VoIP service. Alternatively, Maxinet can allocate new numbers for customer use if required.

Maxinet's Business VoIP product delivers a range of benefits:

  • Simplicity. Get local calls, calls to mobile, long distance calls, line rental and a data service from the one provider.
  • Cost savings. Maxinet's Business VoIP offers you competitive call rates and savings on line rental.
  • Reliability. Have peace of mind by being with a tier-one grade network that is technically advanced and fully supported.
  • No hidden charges. At Maxinet, we are upfront, clear, simple and competitive with pricing. There are no hidden maintenance, support or hardware charges.
  • Dedicated support. Maxinet is committed to providing ongoing support. By using advanced systems that proactively monitor the network, we ensure that you can get on with doing business!
  • Real call rates –Unlike many of our competitors, we do not bill by the minute – our call charges are calculated by the second and we do not round up figures.
REACH 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers
Make it simple for customers to reach you

Our inbound voice solutions make it easier for customers to reach you, and also provide flexible call routing options. Customers can contact you on one number from anywhere in the country. These 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers are easy to remember and let your customers contact you quickly when needed. A single number enables you to increase market reach and save on advertising complexity by standardising your message across multiple geographic areas.



Maxinet's flexible routing options allow you to have total control over the flow of calls. You choose which office receives calls from which geographic location. You can even route calls based on the time the call is made. Maxinet lets you have total management of incoming calls while providing a simple, single number for all of your customers.



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